Fans Consultation Forum


The Fans Consultation Forum is a group made up of the duly elected representatives of the fan groups, supporters and senior members of the Club.

Members of this forum are duly elected as representatives of their various groups and meet with senior members of the Club to deliberate and seek better ways to maintain and advance good relations between the Football Club, community, fans and the supporters.

Members of the Fans Consultation Forum meets three times every season.


  • To foster a closer relationship between fans and the Club.
  • To facilitate structured engagement and dialogue between fans and the Club.
  • Encourage an inclusive process that allows fans feel valued for their loyalty to the Club.
  • To develop a better understanding of issues that affect supporters of the Club.
  • To as far as reasonably possible, provide supporters with the facilities and conditions that they expect from Vandrezzer Football Club.
  • To improve match day experience.

Fans Consultation Forum Commitment

The Members of the Fans Consultation Forum are committed to the following;

  • To increase the Club’s supporter base.
  • To help develop a business model that promotes fan engagement.
  • To ensure that the time spent engaging in dialogue with senior members of the Club is spent for the benefit of the wider fan base and would represent the views of fans and not personal interests.
  • To disseminate in a fair, constructive and accurate way the output from each meeting.
  • To conduct meetings with mutual respectful for others at all times.
  • The selected fan reps will seek to achieve unanimity in terms of the questions (and the priority of the questions) to be addressed by the Club.
  • The Forum does not exist to discuss transfers, player contracts or similar issues.

Basic Structure of The Fans Consultation Forum and Term as representatives

Representation of the Fans and Supporters on the Fans Consultation Forum would be drawn from the elected or nominated representative of season ticket holders, away scheme holders, club members, private box and executive suite members, family stand season ticket holders, officially recognized domestic and international supporters’ clubs, supporters representing the interests of the following categories of fans: disabled supporters, 16-21-year olds, over 60s. Representative members will serve as members of the Fans Consultation Forum for a maximum term of two years at first instance. Re-election of a member for two consecutive terms of two years is not allowed as a break for a minimum of two years must be observed to allow a variety of views to be heard.

Club Officials

The following officials would represent the Club at the Forum:

  • Vice Chairman of Vandrezzer FC
  • Chief Operating Officer
  • Communications and Public Affairs Manager
  • Finance and Operations Manager
  • Marketing Manager
  • Head of Ticketing and Supporter Liaison
  • Any other official as may be appointed by the Club from time to time.