Dynamic Club

Dynamic Club

The Vandrezzer Disabled Supporters Association (VDSA) otherwise known as Dynamic club Supporters Forum acts as a platform that enables our disabled supporters come together to attend regular meetings,  discuss the services and facilities that the Club provides, club event or the latest team news.

The VDSA’s elected representatives meets and have meaningful engagement with the senior members of the club three times in a season with the aim of working together to consult, discuss and set actions to assist the disabled supporters have the best experience across all areas.

The VDSA knows that disabilities are wide-ranging and not always visible hence, the VDSA works with each disabled supporter on their individual need and is committed to supporting the needs and requirements of all disabled supporters subject to availability.

The VDSA seeks to;

  • Improve the match-days experience for the disabled fans both at home and away matches.
  • Communicate the needs of the disabled fans to the club’s management.
  • Improve accessible facilities and bays for our fans with disability, impairment and wheelchair users
  • Provision of mortised wheelchair and mobile lift at stadium grounds for disabled fans
  • Ensure that sitting allocation is made for disabled fans (and their personal assistants)
  • Where possible, audio match commentary is provided for the blind and partially sighted fans
  • Changing Places is provided for disabled supporters within the Stadium

Membership of the VDSA is for all supporters who have a disability and/or impairment or anyone that assists them to support Vandrezzer FC.

To join the Vandrezzer Disabled Supporters Association or to find out more, please email support@vandrezzerfc.com